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Books and Materials


In 2003 Heather authored and illustrated a series of Patriotic Children's book for the foundation to continue education children nationwide about the ideas of patriotism.  These books have been used nationally by teachers to help educate thier students about the history of America and it's hereos.  To puchase a set of these books please click on the books below to be redirected to a retailer or simply call 502-384-5346 or email

Claire and Robbie learn about the American Flag and celebrating Flag Day1

Claire and Robbie learn about the Declaration of Independence from Ben Franklin.

Claire and Robbie learn about flying for the first time and what it means to have responsabilities.

Claire and Robbie volunteer at a local children's hospital.

Claire learns about Veterans Day and the importance of honoring our nation's heroes. (Out of Print)

Heather French Henry


Heather French Henry has a BS in Fashion Design and Masters in Design from the University of Cincinnati's prestigous College of Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning.  Heather taught Fashion Illustration during her graduate school years and won the Coveted Golden Brush Award.  Her love for illustration can be seen throughout all of the Adventures of Claire's series where Heather utilized Tria Marker Technique to bring Claire and Robbie to life.

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